“I can get a brand new website for £500 from this lot, why should I spend more with you guys?”

This is a good question that we get asked all the time. Running a business is expensive, there are always costs wherever you look and people can’t justify spending £3,000+ on a new website. The truth is a value of a website varies from business to business and some smaller businesses would be happy using an online web builder to make their site or worse… letting a freelancer they’ve never met, in a country halfway across the world, create a new website for what seems to be a fraction of the cost. However, the more valuable a website is to your business, the easier it is to justify hiring a top end web design agency that will actually provide you with a quality website and all the services to go with it.

For example, for a charity, a high-quality website is a must-have as thousands of people are visiting the site on a daily basis and donating through it. This means a lot of money is running through the website. In turn, the charity will want to spend a good chunk on a website that is up to the task and more. A website that looks nice is easy to use, fast and delivers a seamless experience for people who are looking to donate. This helps eliminate errors such as poor user experience and slow loading speeds which would occur if the charity tried to cut costs and hire a cheap freelancer to build their new site.

“OK. I put my hands up, I went to a cheap freelancer. Now I need you guys to help me fix this mess”

We’ve had numerous businesses who’ve cut costs and chose to build a cheap website come to us after several months in need of a brand new one because their site is now:

  • Driving customers away
  • Not performing as it should be
  • Suffering from a lot downtime

This is a common recurrence. One quick glance reveals their brand spanking new £500 website was actually just a £30 theme, which was just simply installed by the “guy who can do it all” and on top of this is now causing them more problems than anticipated. This is why we stress that a cheap website might look like it’ll cost you less in the beginning, but will most definitely cost you a lot more in the end.

When you choose iirth you choose to work with a real web design agency with real designers and real people. Unlike a freelancer who’s halfway across the world, we actually sit down with you. We get to know you, your business and your customers. This helps us hugely in the design process as we can understand your brand and where it sits in your respected sector. This is a crucial step and is overlooked by many. However, It allows us to tailor design and content to help benefit your business and create a website that works for you and not against you. We help you increase brand recognition and achieve your goals, assisting you along the whole process.

“My website is taking ages to load”

You get what you pay for with a cheap web designer, which means: 

  • One website for all devices
  • Minimal effort
  • Basic design
  • Poor servers
  • Difficult navigation
  • Limited to no support

At iirth, we believe that websites should be an extension of your brand identity. For businesses with a good brand image, a high-quality website can be priceless. It will do the selling for you and benefit you in the long run. People love to spend money on websites they believe are trustworthy and look good.

“My website doesn’t display correctly on mobile”

Our aim is to bring your brand’s vision to screen in the best possible format. This means having a responsive design, allowing your customers to view your website as intended, regardless of what device they’re on. A crucial feature of web design is overlooked by the cheaper developers, as they do not include it in their low price points.

We also build your website with search engines in mind from the start and not as an afterthought. This means content will be tailored to suit your business’s keywords and personality. This helps Google know that your new website is serious and is ready to be indexed for the long run. Cheap web designers will not take care of SEO and you might end up paying a lot more in the future to do this.

‘My web developer is not picking up the phone! What do I do?”

Cheap web developers often tend to build you a website and let you handle it all by yourself, this can include limited to no support. From avoiding phone calls to shutting up shop and disappearing, we’ve heard all the horror stories from businesses. Not having support will hinder your business as it can stop potential customers from interacting with your site and your site may suffer from severe downtime with no resolution date in sight. At iirth, we offer support and maintenance for your brand new website to ensure everything is running smoothly and as expected. Our support team will always be on standby, whatever the query may be.

90% of the businesses come to us, after being a victim to a cheap web designer. Tell us if they were informed of the do’s and dont’s when choosing a web designer beforehand, they wouldn’t have made the mistakes they did. Well now you’ve read this post, If you’re thinking of hiring a cheap web designer, It’s time to think again!

Get in touch today with The iirth Company and don’t be another victim of cheap web designers who promise everything for a price that seems too good to be true.