We are now well into the digital age and the saying “The future is online” has long become a reality. Taking your business online is essential for exposure and growth.

Businesses who don’t have a website are severely behind the front-runners in their respected sectors. This is due to a more complete customer reach. Getting a website up and running is simple, whether it be hiring a web design agency or using an online web builder.

“Should I hire a Web Design Agency or use an Online Web Builder?”

The answer will change depending on who you ask. But here at, the iirth Company, we believe that small businesses that do not have much of a budget might be better off using an online web builder like Wix or Square Space.

Ask any good web design agency, they’ll tell you the same. The obvious benefit for this is to save costs and introduce your business to the internet and gain some exposure.

“Why should I bother? A website is a website. It doesn’t matter as long as you have one.”

A website is your first impression to your audience. Like in the real world, whether it’s meeting someone for the first time or inviting a guest over for dinner, first impressions are crucial. The online world is no different. Getting your online presence correct is important, and it is a combination of:

  • Great design
  • User experience
  • Creative flair

For businesses who rely a lot on customer interaction, sales or just want a smoother experience for people visiting their site. Hiring a web design agency will tick all these boxes and plenty more.

  • Generic design
  • Poor Search Engine Optimisation
  • Lost potential sales

These are some of the things online web builders are notorious for.
A well optimised and responsive website can help increase the number of users finding your business through sites like Google. A web design agency is a group of professionals who can create websites with responsive code and bespoke design. They can help you stand out from the rest of the competition with a unique looking website and help you look like a business and not an online template.

“I have an idea of how I want my website to look. I’m just having difficulty bringing my ideas to life”

Working with a web design agency allows you to help bring your vision of your business to life and keep it alive with support whenever you need it. Sit down with people who are passionate about website creation and know what they’re doing. Use their expertise to help you come up with a digital strategy to give your brand a platform and the voice needed to achieve set goals.

We believe that it shouldn’t come down to how much a professionally designed website could cost you. Rather, how much it could cost you and your business if you don’t have a professionally created website.

Get in touch with The iirth Company today and see how a web design agency can benefit your business.