When it comes to establishing yourself on the digital landscape, having a website design is crucial to boost your credibility. After all, people would rather explore websites that look visually compelling. While layouts and graphic elements are important, another factor that you shouldn’t sleep on is its responsiveness. 

Responsive web design has transformed the way businesses build their online presence throughout the years. This allows your site to adapt to any screen size and internet speed, regardless of your customer’s device. With that, you boost your user experience and rank higher as you are in line with Google’s recommendations. 

Seeing as web design responsiveness is a crucial element in your business’s website, it’s best to invest in working with a reputable web design agency to ensure that you create an effective and powerful website. This way, you’ll get to maximise the space you have on the web and consequently improve your online reputation, user experience, and ranking.

Why Is There a Need for Responsive Web Design?

There’s no denying that the digital world will only keep booming, having smartphones popping everywhere multiple times a year. It showed that the number of people who use their phones to browse the web has increased tremendously, needing businesses to adjust to this consumer behaviour. 

In the past few years, mobile web usage has increased as more people browse their smartphones instead of their computers and laptops. This means that more people are shopping through their mobile devices, doing business-related tasks, social media, and online banking, all on their phones. 

For this reason, investing in working with a web design agency to create a responsive web design is crucial so you can accommodate this big shift in consumer behaviour and improve your business’s operations.

What Are Google’s Recommendations and Mobile-First Indexing?

In 2015, Google introduced recommendations. Here, Google shares various websites to users that relate to responsive web design and rewards websites that are fully optimised for different platforms and devices. Because of the constant increase of mobile usage, Google included mobile-friendliness as a ranking point in search results. 

Recently, Google also implemented mobile-first indexing, wherein it ranks and indexes the mobile version of a website first. With that being said, you need to modify your desktop website to fit mobile screens, allowing you to get your site indexed and recommended by Google. This change is important since it can boost your user’s mobile experience and potentially decrease your bounce rate.

What Do I Get from Having a Responsive Website?

A responsive website means that your website’s content and pages are flexible across different devices and screen resolutions. With that, you boost your user experience by providing a platform where navigation is much easier, regardless of the screen size and device. 

Besides that, you provide convenience to your users, making them most likely to return to your website for your products, services, and content. With that, you boost your online traffic and decrease bounce rates, ultimately improving your online sales and credibility. 

Another reason you need to optimise your website is that Google is following mobile-first indexing, ranking mobile-friendly business websites first in search engine results. For this reason, Google presents quicker options to users, making social sharing much easier and your audience grows more diverse. 

Finally, SEO campaigns and website maintenance will be more streamlined with a responsive website. This means your web maintenance will be less expensive since you only have one website to look after and edit to improve user experience.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Sleep on Your Website’s Responsiveness

There’s no doubt that more and more people will reach for their mobile phones and tablets when they need to look for certain businesses and content. With that being said, you need to keep your business up to speed with these developments and ensure that you have a responsive website out in a competitive digital landscape. 

Fortunately, working with a reliable web design agency would do the trick, allowing you to focus on web design elements and factors that truly matter to boost your online ranking and improve your site’s user experience. 

How Can We Help You?

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