There’s always competition right around the corner. Businesses in local places are bound to find themselves a few rivals and question how exactly they can distinguish their company from all the others on the block. 

Meanwhile, on a worldwide scale, you have standout brands like Nike for shoes, Apple for smartphones, and Starbucks for coffee beverages. There are definitely other manufacturers and businesses that come out with products of the same calibre, but what makes them stand out?

Branding is something the companies often forget, despite it being so essential in kickstarting and establishing your brand in the market. Brand essence is considered as the vitals of a brand, but what exactly does it mean? Keep reading to gain a basic understanding of brand essence.

The Definition of Brand Essence

Brand essence is defined as a set of characteristics that make your brand unique from others. It is considered the core or the soul of a business that can ignite recognition among others. It’s the foundation for your company’s branding strategies.

Brand essence often goes beyond the product and service, offering a concept linked to the business itself. For example, Starbucks can provide good coffee, but that isn’t the whole reason people go there. What people love about Starbucks is that it’s a convenient and open coffee shop. It’s known internationally as an easy go-to spot for to meet or work.

The Purpose of Brand Essence

Some businesses may think it’s easy to just skip the branding step and projecting brand essence, but that’s not the case. Brand essence is a necessity to give your marketing arm something to work with. 

The core purpose of brand essence is to have a direction about how you want to connect and stand out. Without it, it can be harder to reach out to your audience and be recognisable from the competition. Lacking brand essence just creates a snowball effect that will eventually hurt your website and your sales.

The Execution of Brand Essence

As brand essence is crucial, the strategies involved should be well thought out and executed. Work with a professional service that will be able to help you develop your brand essence and refine your branding to showcase it. Here are the fundamentals that you can expect to go over:

  • Colour. Many businesses adopt colours and hue combinations as their own to make them more seen in the industry. Colour psychology plays a huge role in this as different hues spark emotions in people. Use that to your advantage when pandering to clientele.
  • Logo. The public face or image of the brand is also important when it comes to the brand essence. It’s often the most striking and recognisable, and why many businesses put their logo on their assets and materials.
  • Message. A singular message should encompass your brand essence. Some people often use this as the tagline or copy of their company, but it isn’t just for that. When picking a message, ask what you want your customers to remember your business for.
  • Tone. The tone is something that’s often glossed over, but it’s still important. If message is about the subject you want your brand to be remembered by, tone tackles how you want to communicate. Figure out what words to use and the personality to exude.


Understanding the basics can help instill a desire and rough idea about how you want to approach your business’s brand essence. Don’t hesitate to reach out to branding experts who will elevate your business and set it up for success.

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