It’s not uncommon for people to dismiss specific platforms or various avenues for marketing and growing a business. However, if there’s anything social media has taught all of us, it’s that every platform can be leveraged to improve your image and overall business. LinkedIn is a powerful platform that has a tendency to be overlooked. 

Most businesses today can probably attribute some of their growth thanks to an active presence on LinkedIn. It’s a professional social media platform, but don’t forget that it’s still social media. The formality doesn’t take away from making your business seem more approachable. On the other hand, it also makes other companies more accessible to you. 

It connects over 450 million users. You can just guess how much reach your content and presence can have on this social media platform from that number alone. People prefer and trust businesses they can access and approach, while your Facebook page and Instagram provide that, the image and the content you put on LinkedIn might appeal more to others.

Here are a few ways to grow your business through LinkedIn:

1. Establish a Strong Professional Brand

LinkedIn provides a casual online platform where professionals can connect. Apart from that, thousands of businesses also use the platform to showcase their company, products, and services. You can effectively build your brand and establish a reputation on this platform through various techniques and strategies. 

Another vital thing to note is how meaningful connections are in business. So, another way to build your brand and increase the public’s awareness is through connection. Make sure that your profile is complete and up to date. There are going to be many people relying on the information there to get to know your brand. 

Depending on how well you craft your profile, you might gain a customer or a valuable connection. Either way, your profile should encourage them to explore your company even more and maybe even guide them towards a sale. Strong brands can turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

2. Build Strong Relationships

Once you’ve built a strong presence on the platform, it’s time to build relationships. When you’ve introduced your company effectively on social media, you must follow it up with action. Share content, make posts, and reshare posts as well. 

The biggest crime most companies tend to commit is a lack of activity. That can be the kiss of death on any social media platform. The two most important traits any company needs to focus on is consistency and quality. You need to continue nurturing connections online to establish a meaningful relationship with customers down the road.  

Engage with relevant communities. If you can insert yourself into appropriate spaces without being overbearing, you won’t just have an established presence. You will have connections. People value brands that can understand their needs and wants. To know that, you have to be where they are and interact with them.

3. Share Content Regularly

Lastly, it is essential to share content consistently on your social media platforms. Although LinkedIn may have a different culture and language than platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, it is still social media. This means consistent quality content is still expected. 

Just because LinkedIn is a little more professional than other platforms doesn’t mean your content can be one-note. Make sure to diversify your messages and create content in various mediums. Share articles, videos, and infographics, and more.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to grow your business, but none are as effective as establishing trust and awareness with people on social media. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for businesses. It provides a more professional setting while keeping things casual. Your main priority should always be to make yourself accessible as a business. 

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