The success of a business is an amalgamation of several things, but one of the most important
element is having a strong brand identity that can represent you for years to come. Building your brand is what will help you stand out from the competition and will separate you from the stagnant, generic businesses.

By having a powerful, long-lasting brand identity, you are creating brand recognition and
fostering an image that can carry you as a professional business. While a professional designer
can help you develop your image, it also helps to understand the basics of their creative
process. This will help you become more hands-on as you work towards creating a brand identity you can be proud of for as long as your business lives.

Breaking Down the Creative Stages of Brand Design

Stage #1: Identifying Your Business Goals and Personality
The first step in brand identity design is key to identify your business’s personality and translate that
into an overarching brand that will represent you as a person. While you may be excited to get
started, it’s important to take a step back and really define who you are as a business and what
you want to portray to the world.
This can be achieved by identifying your core values and establishing the overall message you
want to send to your customers.

Stage #2: Determining Your Market and User Research
Once you have gotten a feel for the type of values you want to instil in your brand, you need to
do a little research to figure out who your market is, what kind of personality they have, and
what kind of features they would like to see in the person who represents their brand.
This can be done via consumer surveys, focus groups, and/or phone interviews.
Moreover, it is important to ask questions that help you determine the consumer’s personality type and the features they are looking for in a product or service.

Stage #3: Creating the Logo Design
Furthermore, logos are the first thing that people recognise about your business, and by creating a memorable image that strikes the core values, you can create recognizability. As a result, you will pull in your target audience and help solidify your brand in the minds of your potential customers.
Lastly, when creating your logo, make sure you are using a design that can be easily recognisable at
smaller sizes while still being bold and memorable enough to create familiarity.

Stage #4: Spotting the Visual Elements in Your Brand Design
This is a critical step in the creative process because while the logo is a recognisable face of the brand, you will be using it in a more abstract way to create the identity surrounding it. From the way
your website looks to the colours you use on your business cards, you will be bringing the logo
to life in a congruent way with the personality you are trying to project.

Stage #5: Instilling a Corporate Brand Style
When laying out the framework for your brand, you may want to consider creating a style guide
that you can use to brand your company. This way, you can visually reference what your brand
will look like when you are using it on your website and in other marketing materials.
The style guide should include logos, fonts, typefaces, colours, and other design elements that
you want to continue using in your business. Therefore, you will save time and streamline the
creative process, so you can get back to running your business.

The Bottom Line: The Steps Behind Building an Impactful Brand Identity
Creating an effective brand identity takes a lot of effort, but the end result is a brand that has
longevity. This could be done by establishing consistency in your logo design, your business cards, and the visual aspects of the business that come into contact with your customers, you are creating a brand that they will recognise, and one that they will come to associate with your business.

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