Many people start their website-building journey by going onto Google and typing “how to build a website,” ending up on DIY builders. While there is nothing wrong with using such builders, especially early on in your entrepreneurial journey.  There are, however, some things that such builders cannot do that a custom website can offer. For example, many DIY builders utilize generic and standard layouts that many businesses and individuals already use. This makes it a lot harder for the website to stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, a custom website can be made unique to the brand or individual, meaning your website can be made to work for you. 

That said, you might be sitting down wondering whether you need a custom website for your business? The answer would be yes if any of the following is true:

1. You Want Your Website to Work For You

Do you want your business website to serve a purpose and generate ROI?  If so, this is a good, if not the best, reason to opt for a custom business website. The name says it all! Custom means that you will get a website that’s customised in every manner possible to meet your needs and reflect your business the best way possible. 

With a professionally customized website, you can create the user experience that you want your audience to enjoy, and you can cater the website specifically to the target audience you have in mind. A customized website also resembles a strong brand. Good design embodies trust and this is translated to your audience. 

2. You Look To Make the Most Out of SEO

While SEO strategies can be implemented even with DIY websites, none can be as effective as those implemented in custom websites. This is because there is only so much that can be done with a generic website. It can be hard to implement specific SEO strategies with little to no customizability.

On the other hand, a custom website can have SEO thought up even from its design phase. Everything from its coding to its content can all be strategized and implemented in such a way to satisfy the current SEO algorithms, ensuring that your website’s rank is pushed as high as possible to maximize your online presence.

3. You Know the Importance of Online Security

By now, you should be aware of the dangers of the online world. At every possible part of the internet, a hacker is waiting to pounce onto any unsecured website to wreak havoc. This, unfortunately, generally happens to DIY websites simply because the security solutions on such websites are incredibly poor.

This is an issue that custom-built business websites do not have a problem with. Sure, they’ll still be under attack from hackers, and some websites may become compromised after some time. However, custom websites are designed with security in mind, implementing the latest security techniques. This makes your website a lot harder to penetrate, keeping you and your customers safe!


There are many other reasons to opt for custom business websites. For example, if you are looking to maximize your online reputation, you understand your customers and your process thoroughly, or you simply want to adapt your website to your new growth, they’re all great reasons to get a custom website made. That being said, if you do decide to get a custom website made, have it done only by professionals who are familiar with your industry. Different industries have their nuances that only those who’ve worked in for some time will realize. As such, reaching out to web designers and ensuring they have plenty of experience will ensure that the website you receive at the end perfectly meets your needs and expectations.

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