Simple to use, online alternative to high street banks for individuals and businesses.

Simple to use, online alternative to high street banks for individuals and businesses.


Wizzpay provides its users with the tools they need to take control of their finances. The core focus is on their intuitive mobile app which customers use to manage their money. The app grants access to a multi-currency debit card, competitive FX rates and multiple IBANs to help you send money like a local, to an endless list of international countries.


The fintech industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years. The global fintech sector is set to be valued at $310 billion by the end of the year. The fintech industry is competitive with platforms left, right and centre. It can be difficult as a brand to stand out.

Wizzpay came to us to help them do just that. They wanted us to create a brand that could stand on its own two legs and separate itself from the competition. The branding needed to be modern, mass-appealing and showcase trustworthiness – which is fundamental for fintech brands.


We ensured Wizzpay’s branding checked all the boxes for a fintech platform. We designed all the necessities for a successful brand and outlined how to move their brand forward with a purpose. All of this was compiled into one of our bespoke brand bibles.

We also designed and developed a website that stood as a window into the platform and all its features. The website showcases all the benefits of Wizzpay and how it can help with your day-to-day banking and business banking needs. It gives users the ability to sign up to an account of their choosing, with an extensive signup process for businesses that features an integrated auto look-up courtesy of a registered Companies House number.

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