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Award-winning London-based real estate company that specialises in luxury property.

Award-winning London-based real estate company that specialises in luxury property.


Victorstone is one of the top names when it comes to luxury real estate, in the UK. They’ve established themselves as a lifestyle-orientated, innovative and technology-driven entity that focuses on achieving outstanding results and delivering exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.


Victorstone does not operate like your typical UK estate agent. Their focus is on residential and commercial real estate and helping their clients fulfil their dreams of a luxury lifestyle, both in the UK and abroad. The problem was their existing branding didn’t reciprocate this, and this meant a re-brand was needed.

When you’re dealing with properties surpassing the £10m mark, you have to look the part. They wanted us to take care of their branding needs along with designing and developing a bespoke website.


We created a fresh look for them that used complex shapes, clever use of layers and focused on rich visuals. From the outside looking in – you could finally see that this real estate company meant business. The look was modern, elegant and above all, bold. Now their brand ethos reflected the day-to-day operations and behind-the-scenes deals of multi-million-pound luxury real estate.

The website we created was unlike anything their industry had seen before. The flat 2D design and rulebook of a traditional property website were thrown out the window. We used their new branding as a foundation to help create a unique, almost cinematic user experience which focused a lot on visuals, bold shapes and animations.

Eternally Flawless

Bespoke luxury diamond ring specialists, located in the prestigious Hatton Gardens.

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