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FRCR Exams provide comprehensive FRCR preparation courses, guaranteed to help radiologists pass the FRCR exam. Their goal is to provide a familiar platform that simulates an actual exam along with a PACs-like image viewer, in-depth course material, analytics to track exam performance and webinars to discuss difficult cases.


As is the problem with all exam-related content, websites that offer course material typically do not rely on their brand appeal to operate. Instead, it’s the quality of the exam material they offer and the addition of any helpful tools that can increase a person’s probability of passing. So this was a good opportunity to get the best of both worlds.

This project required a facelift to get off the ground and a platform to bring it all together. The client wanted something clean, modern and functional. We brainstormed with them to learn more about the industry, radiologists and FRCR exams before we got to work.


We completed a facelift of their existing logo. Their new logo was simple and combined sleek typography with an emblem based on a mortarboard hat – this helped the brand tie back to exams. It needed to be clean, as it will often be displayed alongside the NHS logo in the radiology sector.

We wanted radiologists to be familiar with the platform, so we designed a sophisticated platform similar to RCR software – this helps it simulate the experience of undergoing an actual exam. This would allow radiologists to get to grips with a software-like experience similar to the real thing and increase their speed and progress in the exams.

The platform has all the bells and whistles you would want. Including a course section which displays lesson details, progress and much more. It uses a PACs-like image viewer that utilises high-resolution images to give radiologists, an immersive experience. Included for members is the ability to analyse exam performance with immediate feedback and the option to attend webinars to discuss difficult cases.

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