A coffee brewery operating in the UAE, Greece, and now the United Kingdom.

A coffee brewery operating in the UAE, Greece, and now the United Kingdom.

Cascara is a coffee trading company that operates in several countries around the world including the UAE and the UK. They sell specialty-grade coffee from partner farms in Africa and South America. The team at Cascara required a fully-fledged eCommerce platform. The goal was to generate traffic and convert clients to purchase coffee as a one-off or via a subscription to retail and wholesale customers. 

Brand identity refreshed

The first challenge was recreating the logo to a more transferable format in order to be more easily recognisable and easy to understand to different audiences. The new logo allowed the brand to have a refresh rather than a restart and helped the brand steer clear of the lower end of its competitor’s list.

Designing the website

The website features a clean design that resembles the brand and offers users a simple and efficient way to purchase their products online. The modern design ensures the website is fully responsive on mobile devices to accommodate 80% of its traffic. This eCommerce website also features a very functional checkout process to increase conversion rates.

A product page that works

As Cascara’s products differ in size, type, and price the pages have been designed to allow customers to choose the preferred options before adding to their shopping cart. These pages have also been designed to allow different options for alternative items such as coffee equipment.

Coffee subscription

One of the features we implemented was a subscription feature. Regular retail customers would be able to purchase coffee and also subscribe to receive their favourite coffees weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Retail and wholesale

The website was to be split into two key areas, a regular retail side for normal customers and also a wholesale side for businesses. Both sides would retain a similar look and feel but the functionality would be different. Users had the choice of signing up for retail accounts and business accounts. Both accounts display the relevant products and pricing for B2C and B2B. 

Customer account

The website also featured an extensive account system for users where they can manage account details, orders, subscriptions and more.

Glass Openings

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