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An online platform for students and graduates looking to network with career-driven mentors.

An online platform for students and graduates looking to network with career-driven mentors.

Like many start-ups, Bsynergetic was a great idea but just scratched the surface when it came to performing its primary functions. Bsynergetic was at a pre-seed stage with limited resources and capability, however, what they did have was a growing audience and keen interest from some of the country’s top universities. They were now ready to take the next step and create an online platform and start onboarding students, mentors and recruiters.

Facelifting the brand identity

Bsynergetic really needed a push in the right direction when it came to their presence and had to stand out when entering the tech space. The brand had to be clean and bold, yet inviting to both students and professionals. The iirth team worked closely with the Bsynergetic founders to recreate their brand logo without losing their identity. 

Designing the website

After a number of meetings to understand the vision behind Bsynergetic and their long-term business goals, it was time to present a solution. The WordPress wizards at iirth created for them a fully-fledged online platform with all the bells and whistles you come to expect from today’s “social networking” websites. The plan came with more phases to fit into their business road map to ensure their platform grows with their team and their business.

User profile and single sign-on

The platform has been created to support each user with their own custom profile to network and communicate with other users. To allow ease of use and minimal steps for sign-ups the platform features single sign-on using credentials from the users existing LinkedIn or Google accounts.

Blogs and articles

The website features exclusive blogs and articles to showcase Bsynergetics’ reach and understanding within the multiple sectors they cover. This feature also contributes to the platform’s overall SEO and increases the cases of shares across other platforms to boost the website traffic.

Events and webinars

Bsynergetic’s users can benefit greatly from their new events section. This feature allows the team to create and organise events hosted within the website. This feature gives Bsynergetic the option to use external events platforms or their own to give value to their users through great online webinars and physical events (post-Covid).

E-commerce store

E-books, university course books, merchandise and so much more are all tailored to the genre of users for the platform. Bsynergetic required a revenue-generating model within the website to benefit their users and support the growth of the business. This simple e-commerce store allows users to filter, search and sort items to find exactly what they’re looking for.

AI powered CV checker

A very popular feature embedded using TopCV a third-party tool integrated with the Bsynergetic platform. This tool uses AI to help users adjust their CVs and tailors them for their desired industry. The user just uploads their CV and TopCV does the rest. This all contributes to providing Bsynergetics users the ultimate all-around user experience.


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