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An online pharmacy offering a safe, reliable and personalised healthcare experience.

An online pharmacy offering a safe, reliable and personalised healthcare experience.

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Access Doctor is an online doctor and pharmacy where people can get treatments for health conditions delivered, to their door, the very next day. They are a registered pharmacy that uses consultation wizards to assess the customer’s medical health and history.

Access Doctor

Building trust through branding

A huge positive of good branding is that it helps build trust. When it comes to the medical industry, trust is key. So that was a real driving force behind our thinking for their facelift. We gave them a refreshing, modern look which helped them finally look the part.

Designing the website

The website we designed for them was clean, informative and put user experience right at the top of its tick list. So we ensured functionality was not overlooked. From the moment the user clicks on the website, we wanted them to be able to find their correct medication, get approved by pharmacists and place their orders in as least clicks as possible.

Treatments for medical conditions

Users can find a complete A-Z breakdown of medical conditions and treatments for said conditions. These include men’s health, women’s health and so forth. Products listings are clear, precise and offer extensive information about the medication with an in-depth FAQ that outlines clear instructions on how and when to use each medication.

Helping make lives easier

We also designed a state of the art consultation wizard, which the pharmacists use to help assess the patient’s medical history and needs. These easy to use wizards make the process of ordering medication, a breeze. No appointments, no phone calls, with just a few clicks and a few questions you can get your medication approved by NHS registered pharmacists.

The look and feel of a GP Portal

Registered GPs on Access Doctor can log in to the newly created GP Portal. This part of the website allows them to view all customer orders and their answers on the consultation wizards. From there they can choose to accept, reject and put orders on hold. By putting orders on hold, they can ask the user for more information. The user then receives an email asking them to provide this information. Once the information has been received, the GP can then return to the order and approve/reject it.

E14 Office

Easy-to-use registered address service offering virtual offices in London’s Canary Wharf.

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