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An online pharmacy offering a safe, reliable and personalised healthcare experience.

An online pharmacy offering a safe, reliable and personalised healthcare experience.


Access Doctor is an online doctor and pharmacy where people can get treatments and medications delivered the next day, directly to their door. They are a registered pharmacy that uses consultation wizards to assess the patient’s medical health and history.


Their existing branding and online presence did not reflect the growing reputation they were building for themselves, as a reliable and trustworthy online pharmacy with speedy delivery. They were also struggling to keep up with demand as their existing website and systems were not scalable and lacked functionality.

Their branding required a facelift, and they were in need of a website which simplified the customer journey from the moment they arrived on the website, all the way to when they receive their orders.


There were a few parts to this project, first was the facelift – we bought their brand into the digital age with a modern, clean and trustworthy look utilising shades of blue (which is the colour most associated with medicine and healthcare)

Secondly, their website was now finally fit for purpose. It simplified the user journey and delivered a smooth shopping experience, complete with bespoke consultation wizards to help their GPs approve/decline patient requests. Behind the scenes, we developed a well-oiled system that allowed GPs to request more information and refer between themselves to allow a secure and safe medication dispensing operation.

Recently, we created a Patient Medical Records (PMR) system that is currently being used alongside the new website. This system allows their GPs and pharmacists to keep track of the temperatures that medication is being stored at, keep track of stock levels and keep an in-depth record of the patient’s medical history. The PMR System has now supercharged its operations and allowed them to handle increased demand and most importantly, manage their organisation like never before.

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