In the world of business, branding is one of the most crucial things to consider because it serves as the face of the company. Without branding, your business will remain unknown, and customers will not have a sense of familiarity with you and your offers. However, not all branding works for long and rebranding might be the only option left. 

If you’re not sure if your company needs rebranding, here are some signs to look out for to know that it’s the best time to rebrand: 

1. If Your Company Will Go in a Different Direction
Changing the corporate image of your organisation is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s necessary and ideal, especially if there’s a change in direction with your company. There are different changes that may apply. It could be a change in business ownership, a shift in the positioning and brand promises of the company or maybe you want to explore internationalisation. Whatever changes your company has, making your rebranding modern, flexible and future-proof should always be at the top of mind. 

2. If Your Business Has Grown Significantly
As mentioned, rebranding is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, it shows that your brand is evolving and growing. If you think that your brand no longer represents your development and doesn’t align with your goals or your place in the market, it’s time to consider rebranding. 

3. If Your Image Is Outdated
You can know that it’s time to rebrand when your image is already outdated. Meaning, when your image no longer represents the products and services you offer, you need to modernise. 
Also, if the look and feel of your marketing collaterals don’t satisfy your preferences anymore, you should go for rebranding. Why? Because most likely, the viewers will also find it unappealing. So, follow your instincts or ask a professional’s point of view. 

4. If You Want to Appeal to a New Audience
Remember, your branding should cater to and connect to your target audience or market. It should always speak to the people you’re trying to reach. So, if you decide to cater to a new audience, your branding is most likely out of their horizons. In that case, you need to rebrand. You need to choose different colours, fonts and designs that will appeal to your new set of audiences so that your brand will still be effective. 
Let’s say your original target market is Millennials, and you have plans to pursue the older age group. In that case, you need to realign the look and feel of your collaterals so that the older age group can also relate.

5. If You Have New Products or Services
If you have new products or services, it’s time to call for rebranding. While rebranding is not that necessary for this matter, you’ll see a greater impact if you choose to do so. Remember, increased complexity decreases effectiveness, so you have to find ways to keep your business profitable. With new products or services at hand, your business will be more complex, so rebranding is an excellent solution to stay effective. 

Rebranding is not an easy thing to do. It’s not a strategy you should pursue just because it seems like a good idea or because you just want to do it out of the blue. Remember, your brand is the reason why you are where you are today, so changing it will affect everything else in your business. That’s why you need to know the best time to go for a rebranding and do it with the help of a professional to maintain your business’s effectiveness. 

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