Social media for business is a powerful tool. However, to get your users engaging more often with your posts, you need to be posting quality content and consistently.

Social media algorithms change with each passing day and reaching your audience can be hard if you’re not posting enough content. Social media platforms, such as Instagram, take into consideration things such as:

  • How relevant the content is to the user?
  • If the user has engaged with previous content?
  • How active your business is with the platform?

Although we can’t outline the concrete criteria you need, to be reaching your audience on a daily basis. We can give our top tips on how to ensure you’re optimising your social media to do so.

Consistent brand voice

When posting on social media be sure to use the same brand voice throughout your posts. Whether this means keeping your witty and funny tone of voice or responding with “we” or “I”. A consistent brand voice will ensure your brand is being perceived the way you want it to. This will also help keep your brand unique and build emotional and conversational connections through to your audience.

Don’t be afraid to keep your brand voice the same through all social media channels, remember there is no right or wrong way, the only thing that is important is consistency.

Struggling to put together content?

This is probably the biggest reason why businesses neglect social media. Creating content can seem to be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Be sure to switch up your content, you don’t have to keep posting images, you can chuck in a few videos or even some sort of informational content to help educate your audience. You’ll be surprised as to how many people like reading on social media.

According to research by eMarketer, near enough half of Millenials couldn’t go five hours without checking their social media. So you can imagine how much similar content they’ve seen throughout the day. Be sure to keep variety in your content to help bring a refreshing change to user’s feeds.

Another tip is to recycle content from earlier. For example, you might have written an article at the beginning of the year and it didn’t receive as many reads as you’d hoped. There’s no harm in presenting it to your audience in an updated way. Some users will be very grateful they were able to catch up on content that they’ve missed. This being said please do try to keep your content new and appealing. Recycling content should be kept to a minimum.

Stay on top of trends

Be sure to keep up to date with current trends on social media and replicate it. For example, at the moment people are enjoying infographic type posts where they’re fed bite-size information and content. Be sure to give users what they want, which will help drive engagement.

Remember consistency builds credibility

Whatever you do, be sure to keep consistency in your posts. We can’t stress how important this is to help and widen your reach to your audience. Familiarise your audience with your upload times, this will help build a sense of expectation and build credibility. For example, users will expect to see your content around whenever they check their feeds. They’ll see the posts and maintain the connection with your brand.

Another great example we can give is how your social media presence is almost like your own grocery store and content is like “Open for business” signs. When users see your posting content they’ll know your open for business. Likewise, if they don’t see content regularly they’ll think your brand may be dormant or not running as intended.

Build yourself a content calendar

I know all the information we just gave you is hard to implement all at once. However, please do take it slowly and don’t compromise on the quality of your content. To do this, we suggest creating a content calendar for yourself. Which will outline, what post and what day and time that post will be going out? The calendar can also let you know which type of post it is. So you can plan ahead accordingly.

Please remember to set realistic goals and ensure you’re not taking on more than you can handle. If you think 2-3 posts a week is your maximum capacity, be sure to keep it at that and this will help you stick to your schedule. The content calendar should help you to upload/post in a consistent manner.

If you need further help to discuss social media for your business. Please feel free to get in touch with us today.