Businesses on social media know how important it can be to keep track of performance and how well-received posts and content are with their audience. Fortunately, popular social media sites offer comprehensive analytics tools, so they do all the hard work for us. Ever wondered which posts are the top-performing on your business’s Instagram? Or how many people watched that 30-second video on LinkedIn, you posted the other day? The answers to all these questions and more are just a few clicks away.


Instagram insights offer a lot of data for business profiles, including activity, content and audience related statistics. These can all be very useful when a business wants to know how well they’re engaging with their audience.


The number of unique Instagrammers who have viewed your post on their feeds. In recent times, the more engaged your followers are, the more Instagram will push your content into their feeds.

Website Clicks:

Your Instagram profile contains a link to a URL of your choice, businesses usually use this space to link to either their homepage or a specific product/offer page. This statistic allows you to see how many users have clicked onto that link.

Top Posts:

This section allows you to view the statistics surrounding which of your posts are performing the best. It also tells you how many likes and comments your posts each has. This is a great tool to measure the engagement and help focus on content which your audience likes.

Instagram also offers insights into your followers, with detailed information on:

  • Location – Where your followers are based?
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Average time of user activity


The most popular social media platform in the world offers Insights with statistical data on how well your posts are doing with your audiences. Whilst also providing data on click-through rates and more.


The number of unique Facebook users who have viewed your post in their newsfeeds.


This statistic shows you how well you’re engaging with your audience, in terms of likes, comments, shares and clicks on your posts.


Facebook offers an extensive insight into all clicks surrounding your page, this includes the number of clicks your call to action buttons and website links received. The most unique statistic it offers is showing you how many users used the directions and called the phone number from your page.



The user demographic for this social media platform is unique from the others, LinkedIn offers a platform for business professionals. It is a great place to get involved in B2B communications. Analytics are pretty similar to Instagram and Facebook.


How many users clicked on to your content and other items such as a logo or company name.


The number of LinkedIn users who have viewed your post or content in their feeds.


This statistic shows you how many shares, comments and likes your posts received.

This is where LinkedIn excels in it can show you unique analytics for your followers and visitors, information such as:

  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Company Size
  • Seniority


The home of #hashtags, twitter offers the world’s largest discussion platform and keeping a track of individual posts and tweets can be a struggle. Thankfully they offer extensive analytic tools to help with this.


The number of users who have seen your tweets, yielding high numbers of retweets and likes can improve this statistic.

Retweets & Likes:

The key measuring tool for Twitter, users are allowed to like and retweet other people’s/business tweets to share with their own followers. This will show you how many of each you’re receiving on your tweets.

Link Clicks:

Tweets can contain links to URLs, hashtags and other users. This will show you which of these received clicks and how many times.

Engagement Rate:

This is the number of likes, retweets, replies and link clicks divided by the number of impressions on your tweets.

Social media analytics offers businesses priceless information into their audience and allows you to tailor content and posts to help better engagement, with insight into what proves to be popular with your users. It also helps you learn when the best time to post your content and much more.

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