Website for two, please.

Restaurants and food places have slowly but surely caught up with the digital age. Businesses in the food sector are now learning how important and valuable having a professional website can be. From increasing brand awareness to online reservation/ordering systems, a professional website can do it all. Here’s an insightful post on why restaurants need a professional website and some tips from us.

An entrepreneur’s biggest mistake

One of the most common mistakes for an entrepreneur is not building a professional brand identity for yourself. Whether you’re selling a product or service online or in shops, a brand identity is very important and is often overlooked. Nobody will value you and see you as a professional if you don’t have a professional appearance and identity.

Social media. Shaken, not stirred.

Social media for businesses can be scary, there’s a whole world out there you didn’t know about, hidden away in the corners of the internet. It can prove to be a vital tool for many reasons, including bringing in traffic and sales, that will benefit your business a great deal. When you approach a social media agency, it’s good to have an understanding of what you want social media to do for your business. In this post we’ll be outlining most of them, so you’ll be prepared for when someone pops the big question to you, “Do you want social media to help your business grow?”.

Untangling social media

Social media has become the forefront of communication throughout recent years. It is now one of the most common ways customers interact with their favourite businesses and brands. There are now an estimated 3.2 billion users on social media – this equates to around 42% of the world’s population and this figure will only continue to grow.

Go Responsive or Go Home

Over the past few years, mobile phone usage has skyrocketed. People are now browsing the web using their smartphones and tablets more than they are on their laptops or desktops for the first time since the creation of smartphones. Gone are the days of zooming into webpages on your phone trying to navigate through webpages and reading the text.

Genius marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns come in many forms, whether it be real life or digital. Brands find innovative ways to engage consumers and help direct traffic and awareness towards their new campaigns. This could be a new service or product.

We’ve compiled a short list of genius marketing campaigns, which we thought were amazing and captured audiences in the correct way through innovation and appealing content.

Google ‘leaks’ Pixel 4 design

Google has publicly addressed rumours and renders circulating around the internet of their upcoming ‘Pixel 4’ smartphone. They tweeted a photo, which confirms some of the leaks that Google will be refreshing their design of the Pixel range. Featuring a square camera bump on the back, housing what looks to be dual cameras with a flash and a sensor.

Major rebrands done right

Rebranding is important, it helps inform loyal customers and people who know your brand that you’re going through change and are finding ways of self-improvement. In some cases, it shows that you are keeping up with new trends through the modern, digital age.

Apple WWDC 2019 – Recap

This week we saw Apple’s Annual WWDC event. This is usually Apple’s biggest event, only behind the iPhone reveal which will also be coming later this year. The event took place on Monday, June 3rd at the McEnery Convention Centre in San Jose.