Content is King

Content is one of the key components of design, it brings the design to life and creates a channel of communication between you and your audience. Content on websites is used to inform the audience of things such as, “Who you are?”, “What you do?” and “How you can help the user?”. Making sure content is ready and ideally passed onto the designers before the start of the project, can ensure effective communication and an optimised layout.

Launching your new website. Part 1

Let me guess, you need a new website? or maybe your current site needs a facelift? Just thinking about the process can be very daunting. So if you’d like some insight from a professional team of web designers and developers on what to expect, read on… 

Before you go out to find a suitable web design agency that understands you and your business, there are a few things you need to check off your list.

5 Reasons to Update Your Website

An outdated website can lead to a whole host of issues, whether it be security issues or issues with the design and content not keeping up with current trends, these can drive away potential customers and increase bounce rates. These are two things you do not want. Here’s a list of reasons we’ve compiled to help you decide whether it’s time to give that old website of yours, a service.

Colour in design.

From when we are babies we learn the importance of colour and how it helps us process the things we see in our everyday life. Take traffic lights, for example, the red, amber and green all control our lives for a few minutes a day, so colour plays a big part in our lives. Apart from just standing out from the crowd, brands also use colour to express themselves and add meaning to what would otherwise be dull and boring.

Social media: Your all-in-one hub

When it comes to using social media for your business, it can be easily overlooked. Businesses don’t seem to understand the full capabilities of some of the world’s most used social platforms. With over 3.2bn users on social media and counting, how hard can it be to start your conversation? Social media platforms are developing every day and coming up with new tools for us to utilise. Social media can become your all-in-one hub for your business and here’s how:

On your marketing. Get set. Go!

When people get a brand spanking new website, they’re left scratching their heads asking themselves “Ok, what do I do now?”. They’re eager to show it off to their audience and also attracts new users onto it. Marketing a new website is important you need to take the correct steps, by doing so, your new website can turn into a real success and help bolster your business in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

Popular websites. Valued.

Ever stay up at night wondering how much it cost to build websites that you use every other day? We’ve compiled a list of how much it costs to create some of the world’s most popular websites (and platforms) and what their value is in today’s modern age. Some of these huge brands receive over a million unique visitors on a daily basis and they know how important good user experience is. Websites can prove to be priceless for brands who care about their customers.

Social media: Analytics 101

Businesses on social media know how important it can be to keep track of performance and how well-received posts and content are with their audience. Fortunately, popular social media sites offer comprehensive analytics tools, so they do all the hard work for us. Ever wondered which posts are the top-performing on your business’s Instagram? Or how many people watched that 30-second video on LinkedIn, you posted the other day? The answers to all these questions and more are just a few clicks away.