Dissecting single-page websites

In today’s modern age, the single-page website, or sometimes known as a one-page website, has become increasingly popular. More and more businesses around the world are choosing the non-traditional approach for their online platform.

Essential tools for the workplace

In today’s day and age, we spend most of our day on our mobiles and computers. Most of this time is connected to the workplace. Technology has made our lives easier with millions of apps and tools available at our disposal. Whatever our needs may be… “There’s an app for that”

Social media matters

Social media for business is a powerful tool. However, to get your users engaging more often with your posts, you need to be posting quality content and consistently.

Content is King

Content is one of the key components of design, it brings the design to life and creates a channel of communication between you and your audience. Content on websites is used to inform the audience of things such as, “Who you are?”, “What you do?” and “How you can help the user?”. Making sure content is ready and ideally passed onto the designers before the start of the project, can ensure effective communication and an optimised layout.

Launching your new website. Part 1

Let me guess, you need a new website? or maybe your current site needs a facelift? Just thinking about the process can be very daunting. So if you’d like some insight from a professional team of web designers and developers on what to expect, read on… 

Before you go out to find a suitable web design agency that understands you and your business, there are a few things you need to check off your list.

5 Reasons to Update Your Website

An outdated website can lead to a whole host of issues, whether it be security issues or issues with the design and content not keeping up with current trends, these can drive away potential customers and increase bounce rates. These are two things you do not want. Here’s a list of reasons we’ve compiled to help you decide whether it’s time to give that old website of yours, a service.