At the beginning of the year 2020, most UK companies have had strategies to undergo digital transformation one way or the other. Some of these companies had already started transforming, while others didn’t. However, when the lockdown was introduced due to COVID-19, many businesses were forced to implement digital transformations to continue working. Those businesses that did not have had to face the consequences of a disconnected work environment, disruption to their regular business operations, and financial difficulties.

However, with all these digital transformations and adapting to long-term remote working, businesses have come to the realization that these digital implementations are proving to be beneficial for their business and their teams. In fact, many companies who initially thought to transform only temporarily have now decided to make the change permanent.

That being said, as a business, you may be wondering how you can turn your digital implementation into a more permanent change. Here’s how:

1. Focus More on the Cloud

Especially for small companies, many digital solutions can be quite expensive to implement in-house. Everything from setting up servers to upgrading the network can strain a company financially, especially when business is incredibly slow. This is where the cloud comes in.

With cloud services, access to digital solutions has become much more affordable and easier to access. Because cloud services are offered through the internet, companies can continue being productive anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. As such, a good way to transform digitally permanently is to give the cloud a more central role in your transformation efforts along with on-premise solutions.

2. Be Transparent with the Changes

During your transformation, not all your employees will be open to the change. Some may welcome it with open arms, while others will see their roles within the business becoming less important. This kind of fear can seriously interfere with your efforts to make these transformations permanent, and that’s the reason transparency is key.

When making the changes, you must reassure the staff that said digital transformation isn’t a threat to their role within the business. Rather, it is to make their jobs easier. Also, training your staff on how to work with new transformations is vital to help them realize just how helpful such changes are and how it benefits their position.

working from home

3. Look at Digitisation More Broadly

One problem that many companies make when undergoing digital transformation is that because they only wanted to do it temporarily, they have heavily limited the resources to run digital implementations. This in no way helps with the company’s productivity, and it can hamper any plans to make such changes permanent.

To avoid this problem, you must look at digitization much more broadly. Do not be afraid to blend various technologies and even take your team’s input into account. This way, you can set up the right technologies to work together to facilitate a productive digital work environment.


In summary, digitization has made many companies realize just how good technology is and how it has made companies much more productive and cost-efficient. Either way, if you are looking to make your transformations permanent, look for the right digital partner to help you. Spending plenty of time researching for suitable service providers who have experience in your industry and have been known to offer solutions that work. This way, you can quickly get your new digital transformation up and running, keeping you and your team happy and productive throughout the pandemic and after!

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