“Do I need branding?”

This is a question Brand Development Agencies are always asked and it’s not as simple as people think. Branding is not just a few shapes, lines of text and a splash of colour. It’s a lot more than that. It’s a mixture of:

  • Logo/Identity
  • Colours
  • Values
  • Ethics
  • Character
  • Language
  • Reputation

These are just some of the key things that we believe make up the term ‘Branding’.

It’s part of the foundation of your business and helps customers make the critical decision to buy from you or go to a competitor. Branding gives your business a face, which customers will see straight away and has a cognitive influence on whether to associate with your brand or not. First impressions are key, and branding plays the most important part.

In the modern age, everyone is quick to judge. It’s no different when it comes to your brand. A poor brand can repel customers and leave a bad impression. No one wants to communicate with a brand they cannot trust, or think is not reputable.

“Where to start with branding?”

One of the focal points of branding is a good logo. This paired with a strong brand presence helps separate and establish your brand amongst the competition. A strong brand presence can very quickly become familiar and easy to recommend.

Look at brand giants such as Apple and Google. Their brands are recognised worldwide, it’s not just their logos but their style of design and language, which a user can spot without needing to even see their logos.

“What can branding do for my business?”

Branding can open many paths for your business, such as referrals. Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools out there. People are always telling others about brands that go the extra mile – People remember the details.

Impactful logo design and colour choices will have an impact on this. One of the many things a Brand Development Agency will take care of for you.

On the other hand, you have advertising which is a major tool at every brand’s disposal, the more exposure your brand receives, the more people that would have seen your logo and brand image and decided which of two categories you fall into:

  • A business who they will use
  • A business who they won’t use

Your brand image and style needs to grab the customer’s attention and direct them towards making the right decision. This will help make advertising efficient for your business.

“How much does branding cost?”

Branding gives your business, value.

This is key to driving more interest and buzz towards you. Whether this is in the form of traffic, sales or acquisitions. This means good branding can, in fact, be priceless.

Branding isn’t a cost, it’s an investment. The more serious you are about your brand, the more you’ll end up investing in branding and developing an in-depth brand strategy to move forward with and help your business grow.

Things to consider before starting a brand:

First things first, you’ll need to make sure your company is set up. Make sure this is done by forming your Limited Company and registering it with Companies House and the Government. Your accountant will help you through this or if you’re doing it on your own, it will cost you around £12.

Next, trademark/copyright your brand name to avoid problems in the future. This can be done by filing for a trademark on the gov.uk website. Click here to do so.

Get in touch today with the iirth Company and see how a Brand Development Agency can benefit your business.