Trends in marketing always come and go. What may be trendy today will most likely be outdated by the following week. Marketing is constantly evolving, especially as new technology is introduced continuously. However, we believe that email marketing is one strategy that continues to work and will continue to work.

Emails are accessible and will never go away. While some people may think that emails can no longer be improved, there are always innovations, regardless of how small. Email marketing is a vital strategy to keep up, no matter how many other marketing strategies you have. 

Below are some of the email marketing trends that you always need to be on top of:

1. Including User-Generated Content

If you do not have any user-generated content to incorporate into your email marketing strategy, you should start thinking of ways to add it. User-generated content is one of the most popular trends in email marketing, and it can be used in various types of emails and for any kind of business.

User-generated content is important because it shows the user that their voice is heard, and their opinions and voices matter. It also shows the user that they are an essential part of your company’s product. If you include user-generated content, there is a higher chance that the user will continue to be engaged with your product and your company.

Giving the recipient details to share on social media directly from the email, for example, a hashtag can generate awareness about new purchases, allow them to use your promotions, and so on. It can also help you track the performance of your campaign.  

2. Email Optimization

desktop email

With new technology being invented almost every day, you must optimise the emails you send out to your customers. Optimising it does not only mean making the email more attractive with great subjects and headers; instead, it means enhancing the user experience when opening these emails.

mobile email

Regardless of their device, they must be able to open these emails efficiently and read them with no problem. Optimising emails will allow your email to be flexible and adjust to different screen sizes.

3. Using Newsletters to Tell Stories and Updates

Even if you are using other marketing strategies, it is still essential to use emails and newsletters to tell your brand’s story and tell your customers’ stories. Using newsletters and emails is necessary because it is the easiest way to engage and communicate with your customers.

That is why it is also essential to use newsletters to tell your company’s story and communicate with your customers. You should always be sending out newsletters that are relevant and beneficial to your customers. Always use these newsletters to highlight new products and promotions.

4. Create Interactive Emails

Another trend in email marketing is interactive emails. Interactive emails are emails where the user gets to communicate with the company directly. It is a way for the user to express their thoughts with the company and for the company to communicate.

This interaction can be an excellent way to hear the opinions of the user and to hear their suggestions, not just for the product or service but also for the company itself. It is an excellent way to gather information about the customers.

Interactive buttons, links to surveys, or even other offerings can direct the recipient to perform a desired action right off the bat. 

5. Personalised Emails

Personalised emails are emails that are tailored to each user. It is a method of using the user’s name in the email that the user will be able to identify that the email is addressed to them specifically. It is important to personalise each email because it gives the user a sense of familiarity and makes them feel more important.

If the user feels valued, they will be more likely to engage. They will feel like they are connected to the company due to the personalisation.


Email marketing is one strategy that will always work. It is an easy way to communicate with your customers and keep them engaged. It is also useful to use as a form of marketing because it is easier to carry out and inexpensive. It can drive traffic to your website and boost your conversions. Any email marketing strategy can be successful if it is well thought out and planned. It will also be helpful if you stay up to date on the latest trends in email marketing.

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