Content is one of the key components of design, it brings the design to life and creates a channel of communication between you and your audience. Content on websites is used to inform the audience of things such as, “Who you are?”, “What you do?” and “How you can help the user?”. Making sure content is ready and ideally passed onto the designers before the start of the project, can ensure effective communication and an optimised layout.

“Why is content important?”

Content is the centrepiece on websites, it ensures clear communication between you and your customers. It also works alongside the design ensuring the layout is clean and there’s plenty of spotlight on the content for it to shine.

If your website has a great design but no content, your users will not have a reason to come back to it. Well written and updated content is the main reason users will return. So it’s good to tailor the content and keep it fresh to match your brand style and your audience. This also means updating content with current trends.

“Can I give content to the designers, beforehand?”

Providing content before the design process helps the designers fit the content into the website efficiently. It helps ensure the design elements go hand in hand with the text and media that will be displayed. You don’t want the website design to be final and then find out the content you’ve prepared doesn’t fit or match the style of the website. This can lead to poor communication with your audience and sometimes convey the wrong message. 

This can also lead to increased build times as the designers will have to go back and forth making changes, this will also lead to extra costs as more work will have to be done. On the other hand, if the content is provided beforehand the build time can be sped up a lot. Less time spent making changes and your website will be ready to go live much quicker. 

Remember content is king and it’ll help make you look a lot more professional, whilst also making it easier for you to convey your message across to your audience. It will give your website a purpose and keep your audience coming back and not just making a one-stop visit.

Informing your designers if you will be regularly updating your content and blog/news sections is a good decision. The designers will keep this in mind to future proof the design to help make updating content a breeze.

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