Innovate your eCommerce storefront

The landscape of eCommerce continues to grow at an exponential rate. Merchants always have new, more advanced needs for their online stores. Luckily for them, the platforms and infrastructure are developing at an even faster pace.

Website Checklist

Digital presence is now more important than ever. For the foreseeable future, brands will continue using their website and social media as their main channels for both business and communication.

Dissecting single-page websites

In today’s modern age, the single-page website, or sometimes known as a one-page website, has become increasingly popular. More and more businesses around the world are choosing the non-traditional approach for their online platform.

Content is King

Content is one of the key components of design, it brings the design to life and creates a channel of communication between you and your audience. Content on websites is used to inform the audience of things such as, “Who you are?”, “What you do?” and “How you can help the user?”. Making sure content is ready and ideally passed onto the designers before the start of the project, can ensure effective communication and an optimised layout.