Creating a strong brand

A strong brand is where it all starts. It doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a long process which takes thought and execution. We’re gonna take you through the fundamental beginning stages of creating a brand which comes down to the name and characteristics of the brand.

Colour in design.

From when we are babies we learn the importance of colour and how it helps us process the things we see in our everyday life. Take traffic lights, for example, the red, amber and green all control our lives for a few minutes a day, so colour plays a big part in our lives. Apart from just standing out from the crowd, brands also use colour to express themselves and add meaning to what would otherwise be dull and boring.

An entrepreneur’s biggest mistake

One of the most common mistakes for an entrepreneur is not building a professional brand identity for yourself. Whether you’re selling a product or service online or in shops, a brand identity is very important and is often overlooked. Nobody will value you and see you as a professional if you don’t have a professional appearance and identity.