There is light at the end of the dark, pandemic tunnel we have been stuck in, for what feels like forever now.

After the lockdown is lifted and we start getting things back to how they were, there are a few pieces of advice we’d love to share. If there was ever a better time to focus on your brand, the positioning of your brand and how your brand presents itself, it is now.

Consumer behaviour has changed and even the biggest names in the “Biz” are changing their approach to adapt marketing and business strategies to be able to cope in a disruptive economic market. Being there for your customers when everyone else isn’t can have a lasting and rewarding impression.

Providing positive character

Brands should be doing whatever they can to help others for example by supporting key workers or even people at home. We have all gone through this together and some of us might need a little extra help to get back on our feet. We’re all familiar with discounts and promotions for NHS and key workers, however, there’s also room for donations and helpful advice.

Do whatever you can to refer others towards promotions and offers that might be of use to them. Not everyone follows the same pages, forums and brands on social media. So some people might not be informed of such offers.

Maintain social distancing

Social distancing will likely be in place for the remainder of the year, so businesses should have measures planned for once they’re back open. Customers should always be 2m apart from each other. Markings on the ground, signboards and notices will all be helpful and will become a familiar sight in our lives.

As a brand, you should do your part to incorporate social distancing into your business and also spread awareness that others should be doing the same.

Coca Cola Social Distancing

Don’t align yourself with the villains

During the pandemic, a lot of brands and famous figures have received a backlash of bad PR for how they’ve handled their operations. The list includes placing employees on unpaid leave, not adhering to social distancing measures and showing poor judgement towards key workers.

Your brand shouldn’t be aligning itself with any other brand or anyone who falls into one of the above categories. People will not be quick to forget how they were treated and how others were treated, during one of the worst pandemics we’ve ever faced.

Stick to your brand values, actions and reactions are powerful emotional drivers. So right now, reading the space, understanding what people want and what they expect from you is critical.

Improve your digital presence

One certain thing is that if we weren’t already in the digital age, we well and truly are now. Brands should recognise that for the foreseeable future their digital identity will dictate which direction they are headed towards. From their website to their social media presence, these key areas are what needs to be the focal point of their marketing strategy.

Social media and internet usage have rocketed in the lockdown period. People have seen the true potential of social media and how you can stay connected to your favourite brands and people and how easily it is to communicate with them. These habits will stay, people will continue to expect to see great content on their social media feeds.

Don’t expect everything to go back to normal

We’ve covered how you should have already planned your digital recovery from COVID-19. People will take time to start engaging with brands like they used to. You need to position your brand so that people see you’re active, you’re adhering to government advice and hygiene measures. Brands will also be running promotions, left, right and centre. So it might be difficult to come up with ways to entice new customers to spend with you over the competition. 

However, it is important to continue nurturing your current customers on social media, as people will be spending money with brands they’re familiar with.

Invest in eCommerce

The eCommerce sector will come out of this even stronger than it was before. Consumer behaviour has already shifted towards the ease of online shopping and delivery. Brands who sell goods, should take their business online and enjoy what will be a huge increase in sales. 

After we come out of lockdown, people will still be shopping online thanks to habits and discovering the ease of being able to order their products online within a few clicks. Even going as far as expecting an eCommerce option when browsing online.

Improve your brand strategy

Any good brand can and should be able to adapt their strategy depending on the climate. Don’t panic, instead use analytics, use market research and focus on your customer base to figure out what needs to be changed so your brand can continue to move forward.

If you or anyone you know has a business and is struggling to deliver their products or service, please feel free to get in touch via and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.